Creative and Practical Christening Gift Ideas to Consider

Have you been invited to a christening ceremony? If so, you need to consider bringing a present. Christening ceremonies are small and intimate; therefore, being considered as a guest is a humbling gesture that you shouldn't let pass. Bringing a christening gift is an excellent way of showing appreciation for the invitation and also honouring the little one.

However, finding the perfect christening gift is not an easy task. If you're having a hard time making a choice, here are a few ideas to consider as you go shopping.

Keepsake Gifts

You probably want to buy something that the baby can remember you with when they grow older. In fact, keepsake gifts are traditionally given by the Godparents in various cultures. Even if you aren't a Godparent, you can give a thoughtful gift that the child will remember you with. Some great ideas include the following:

  • Engraved jewellery such as a necklace or bracelet
  • A photo album
  • Personalised jewellery box
  • Stuffed animal with engraving
  • A hand or footprint cast

For religious gifts, you can consider things like a customised Rosary, Bible, religious rings and so much more. Think about the parents of the child and their beliefs before gifting the gift to ensure you don't give something that goes against their religious beliefs.

Practical, Usable Gifts

Another option is to gift the child with things they or their parents can use. If you don't know the family well enough or don't have any keepsake ideas, this is an excellent choice. Below are some ideas for practical, usable christening gifts:

  • Outfits or shoes for the baby
  • A quilt for the child
  • A supply of quality diapers for the little one
  • Baby monitor
  • Portable changing mat
  • Baby bottle feeding set

There are so many practical gifts you can give. The good thing is that these are things that the parents will use. When buying items like clothes and diapers, ensure you get the right sizes.

Cash Gifts

You don't have to buy a tangible gift for a christening ceremony. Giving cash is also an excellent idea. However, talk to the parents first and make sure they are okay with taking cash gifts. If you're giving a large amount of money, you can even open a bank account in the name of the child. You could also give towards their college in the future.

As you gift the child, don't forget the parents as well. Simple gifts such as a bottle of wine or a dinner reservation to their favourite restaurant can go a long way in making them feel appreciated.

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