Factors to Consider When Choosing LED Strip Lights

Lighting in your business premises is an important aspect. You may need to light up food displays, production equipment and other machinery. Picking the right type of light will enhance the safety of your workers. If you run a retail business, it will improve the visibility of your products. You can get LED light strips from your IDEC distributor. Here are factors to consider when choosing strip lights for your business. 


Pick LED lights that are comfortable for your eyes. They should be bright enough so you can see the items but not hurt your eyes. When buying LED strip lights, check their lumens. This measures brightness in the same sense as watts do for incandescent lamps. Find out how many lumens the strip offers per foot or meter. If you do not check, you may buy lights that you cannot use for your business. If you are not sure, purchase bright lights, then add a dimmer later.

Colour Temperature 

The colour temperature will give the room a distinct look. Warm lights at 6000K will have a bluish tinge while lights at 2000K will have a yellow one. If you are buying strip lights to put in a cabinet to display food products, higher colour temperature will be better. Yellow lights may give your product a tinge that suggests the products are going bad. If you are buying lights for a production line, ensure they are bright enough to work.  Mood lighting, on the other hand, can be of a warmer temperature.  

Power consumption 

Power is expensive, and it is crucial to keep an eye on your use. Before you leave the store, find out how much energy your strip of LED lights will consume. The higher the consumption, the more money you will spend on power each month. Ensure you buy lights that are energy-saving. Asking about their wattage. The customer service assistant should be able to tell you. He or she can show you where that information is on the strip of lights. Ensure that you purchase the right power supply unit for your LED strip lights. The voltage of the LED light stripe and the power supply unit should match.  


LED light strips should light up your business or factory at a friendly cost. Talk to your IDEC distributor about getting lights that work for your premises.

To learn more, contact an IDEC distributor near you.

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